Redstone Report: Furnishings program provides finishing touch

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Furniture is the finishing touch to almost any building project. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville Center has a program that provides that finishing touch to Army installations worldwide. The Corps Furnishings Program supplies Army administrative offices and barracks with everything from desks to beds.

Team members collect customer requirements, get bids, and choose vendors to supply the furniture. Project manager Patty Mooneyham says that most organizations request work stations.

"They'll specify what type of storage they want, how much storage they want and we'll take the requirements and write them generically so we can send them out to bid," said Mooneyham.

The furnishings team tries to keep it local when they can. A 2010 Corps building project was furnished by a national company with ties in Athens.

No matter the vendor, the team always has the bottom line in mind... cost. Since they order in such large quantities and maintain a rapport with suppliers, the team usually can get products at 20% the general service administration pricing.

The team is currently working on a contract with Redstone Arsenal, under which they'll provide over a million dollars worth of furniture. Mooneyham describes the project as " historic building out there that they decided to renovate and put new furniture in."

Furniture might be the last thing on a building checklist, but without it, a project is far from finished.

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