Kitchen Cops: 5 low performers

Health inspectors gave La Hacienda in Morgan County, an 83.
Health inspectors gave La Hacienda in Morgan County, an 83.

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - We begin the Kitchen Cops reportat the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant on Beltline Road in Decatur. A Morgan County health inspector handed them an 83.

When cooks use a bain-marie, they place food in a container inside a larger pan with simmering water. The health inspector said the bain-marie cooks used at La Hacienda were not keepingthe food hot enough to prevent potential bacterial growth.

And the inspectordiscovered rust inside of the ice bin.

Less than a mile down the Beltline, the Morgan County Health Department handed the New China Restaurantan 84.

Several small infractionsreported. Just one critical violation, as the inspector said they were using abroken bowl.

The Madison County health Department handed the Waffle House in the 3600 block of South Memorial Parkwayan 81. The inspector reports ham and mushrooms held above the required maximumtemperature for cold holding foods. And the Waffle House lost points because ofemployee drinks sitting next to packages of grits.

This week's lowest scoringlow performer is Lucky's Supermarket in Decatur, scoring a 78.

The health inspectorreports eggs at 48 degrees and cantaloupes at 55 degrees, both above themaximum temperature of 41 degrees required to prevent bacterial growth in coldholding foods. And the inspector found cola on top of meats, a potential crosscontamination combination.

The McDonald's in the 4900block of North Memorial Parkway scored an 84. The inspector reports the interiorof the french fry dispenser wasn't clean, and that the fountain drink nozzleswere dirty.

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