Kitchen Cops: Check out scores in Marshall County

A health inspector gave Pointe Bar and Grill in Guntersville a 76.
A health inspector gave Pointe Bar and Grill in Guntersville a 76.

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The first stop on the Kitchen Cops beat is the Pointe Bar and Grill in Guntersville. A Marshall County health inspector reports several violations, three of those critical violations, as they scored a 76.

The inspector reports food was contaminated by utensil washing.

The inspector also says the ice machine needed a good scrub down, and that they using home canned foods.

The inspector discovered food that was not properly cooled after being cooked, putting it the food danger zone that can allow for bacterial growth.

A cook used their bare hands to handle ready-to-eat foods, a potential cross contamination combination.

And the inspector says cleaners were used improperly.

A Madison County health inspector reports a dirty ice machine and dirty soda fountain nozzles at the Super Value Mini Mart in Harvest as they scored an 82.

And the Morgan County health department handed Missouri Jane Cantina and Creamery in Somerville an 81.

The inspector reports sloppy joe meat was held at 85 degrees, fifty degrees below the minimum temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods.

These low performers will have to get their ships in shape if they want to make it off of the K-Cops low performers list. We'll let you know how they do the next time the health inspector comes around.

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