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Children's Advocacy Center braces for budget cuts


As budget cuts and furloughs strike government agencies, the National Children's Advocacy Center is now bracing for the impact of sequestration.

Children's advocacy centers everywhere could be affected by the cuts, but the one in Huntsville may take the biggest hit. As the headquarters, they offer most of the training for employees of centers across the country. Operating on an already limited budget, cuts to federal funding could make that training tough to provide.

That training is crucial to properly serving thousands of children affected by child abuse. And since the organization is under the Department of Justice, government employees cannot travel to any of the upcoming conferences and symposiums.

A lot of the real impacts won't be seen until next year, when that money is set to kick in. Just how much the cuts will be is still up in the air. The center hasn't received any specifics from the federal government.

"All departments have some flexibility in terminating programs, reducing programs, or not affecting some programs, but we haven't received anything definitive about the work we necessarily do," said Chris Newlin with NCAC.

The uncertainty is making it tough to plan for the future. Even though they have put contingency plans in place, there's no telling if those will work.

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