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Police: ‘Gallon smashing' is no laughing matter

Gallon smashing video (Source: YouTube) Gallon smashing video (Source: YouTube)

Viral videos featuring young people smashing gallons of liquid in grocery stores have prompted several instances of the prank in North Alabama.

In the video, young people walk down an aisle holding a gallon of milk, orange juice, or other liquid, and smash them on the ground or into shelves. They then throw themselves on the ground and pretend to have trouble getting up, slipping in the mess. Bystanders are left wondering what happened, and some try to help the prankster.

Florence Police say "gallon smashing" isn't funny, and it can lead to criminal charges. Detective Jerry Pearson said his department has received two reports of the prank in Florence.

Pearson said they are searching for the pranksters involved in two cases at local stores, and they will prosecute.

If a person is caught gallon smashing, they could be charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

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