Florence teen donates birthday presents to charity

She was only two years old when she fell in love with horses.

"The best way to describe it is free. It's like the only think you worry about is being on the back of the horse and letting them take care of you," says Elizabeth Holt.

Elizabeth is just in the 8th grade, but she has the heart of an old soul, especially when it comes to horses.

A couple of years ago she discovered that not everyone treats these beautiful creatures with kindness. She also learned that there were rescue groups out there that helped neglected and abused horses, but they could only do so much because they rely only on donations.

With this information, she made a decision not too many kids could make. She asked family and friends not to buy her presents.

"I couldn't think of anything that I really needed or wanted," she says.

Elizabeth asked for money instead to donate to the Singing River Equine Rescue.

"That first birthday I donated about $200 and ever since, I've been trying to keep the goal going and this year I did it for Christmas as well," says Elizabeth.

"We were very surprised and very impressed with her generosity and selflessness," says Kristi Mitchell with Singing River Equine Rescue.

While the 8th graders generosity is reason enough to make her a Star Student, the well rounded teen is an honor student at Wilson School in Florence, is in the National Honor Society and competes in barrel racing.

For her big heart, Elizabeth Holt is our Star Student.