Kitchen Cops: 2 low performers

Waffle House in Florence scored a 74.
Waffle House in Florence scored a 74.

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - The first stop for the Kitchen Cops is the Waffle House on Florence Boulevard in Florence, scoring a 74 with the Lauderdale County Health Department.

The inspector got them for 13 violations in all, three of those critical violations. The inspector reports the dishwasher was not sanitizing at the right temperature. The inspector discovered an employee smoking in an unapproved area, and they took off points because cleaning products were not labeled.

We move now to a back to back K-Cops low performer. Last time, the Alabama Supermarket on Triana Boulevard in Huntsville scored a 75 with the health department. The inspector came back for their reinspection, and gave them the same exact score.

The health inspector discovered Chicken sitting on the counter at 50 degrees, nine degrees above the maximum temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding foods.

The inspector reports raw chicken was stored in recycled plastic. There were equipment problems too. The inspector reports a frayed fryer basket and a cracked plastic food container.

We'll let you know how these low performers do the next time the health inspector comes around.

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