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Sixteen feet of patriotic yarn

It's red, white and blue, sixteen feet tall and as patriotic and you can get.

Yes, we're talking about what may be the largest crochet American flag in the world.

It's been on display at veteran's events for the past five years, but the flag's creator, Nancy Hilton of Athens, has decided it's time to pass the torch, or in this case: flag.

Nancy Hilton's flag is pretty much Patton-sized. In fact, a Patton portrayer has had his picture made in front of it.

"I mean if you didn't know it wasn't George C. Scott you'd think it is," Nancy pointed out.

The flag is so big that if you unraveled it you would walk twenty miles before it became a single piece of yarn. The first time they set it up in their yard back in 2007 it attracted a lot of attention.

It's only about fifty pounds, so it's not the weight that's the problem, it's just hard to handle the frame and get the flag up into the air for Nancy Hilton and her husband Mack.

"A lady in Longview has offered to take the flag and be custodian of the flag and do the grunt work that Mack and I can't do anymore, so it can be displayed on patriotic days at event that honor our veterans," Nancy said.

There's more than just the flag; there's also crocheting representing four branches of service that go with it.

"Each one of those military emblems took me longer to make than that flag," Nancy revealed.

She used a Tunisian hook on the emblems. The flag was made with a regular hook.

"I hear your wife has a mean Tunisian hook," I said to Nancy's husband Mack.

"She does, that," he said.

"Did she ever use it on you?" I asked.

"It's not the swinging type," Mack clarified.

Nancy Hilton shows her patriotism by knitting softly and carrying a crochet hook.

It took Nancy about three years to finish the project. When the flag is displayed they hope to collect donations for the Wounded Warriors fund.

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