Star Student sees a TV career in the future

PRICEVILLE, AL (WAFF) - She comes from a family of educators, so it's only natural that 13-year-old Emma Hopkins' first priority is school.

"My parents have always taught me to do my best in school and try and get a good education, and do the best I can in everything," says Emma.

The 8th grade Priceville Sr. High student says math is her favorite subject, good answer considering her mom is a math teacher. But, she's not trying to make a career of the subject. Emma's dream could have her one day working at WAFF 48.

"I have lot's of ideas. I'd like to own my own talk show or just be on the news is actually what I'd like to do," she said.

She's getting good practice. Emma is a part of her school's broadcasting program. She's also a cheerleader, competes in pageants, participates in school plays and is a part of the National Junior Honor Society.

But will all of that activity, she said, "School always comes first in everything so before I will hang out with my friends or go to drama or go to cheer I'll try to like study or do my homework first. And I always do my homework instead of leaving that to last at night because that's always hard to do."

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