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More meth means bigger crackdown in Morgan County

Meth bust in Morgan County Meth bust in Morgan County

It is a problem Morgan County law enforcement has been dealing with for years - the fight against methamphetamines.

"Part of the problem with methamphetamine is that you don't need a drug dealer to do it. You can cook it yourself," explained Sheriff Ana Franklin.

Sheriff Franklin and her task force have been cracking down hard core, busting meth users and meth makers nearly every week.

But in the wake of a major meth bust made in Somerville just days ago, Franklin and her team are now realizing what they are doing is not enough.

"What am I doing wrong that is not getting the message across to the people who do meth for the first time? Why am I not getting the message through to the general public of how dangerous this is?" questioned Franklin.

While the problem isn't getting any worse, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

"Every time we get a new law that addresses it, they circumvent the law and do something else," said Franklin.

As of lately, the task of catching these guys is getting tougher.

"It is your next-door neighbor. It is not in a slum somewhere. It is creeping into middle class society and putting a hamper on our community and the resources it takes to deal with this," said Franklin.

To make matters worse, state budget cuts to HAZMAT crews have left law enforcement with the double duty of making the arrests and cleaning up.

"When we are all tasked with cleaning up that one incident, that means I don't have law enforcement in other communities preventing and helping to deter crime from happening," said Franklin.

It is an uphill battle Sheriff Franklin isn't giving up on. In fact this year, she plans to fight even harder.

For law enforcement that means setting tougher standards and asking for mandatory sentences, all while educating the public, especially kids.

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