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Senior aid organization awaits effects of sequestration

Nancy Robertson, Director of the aging program at TARCOG Nancy Robertson, Director of the aging program at TARCOG

As America waits to see just how sequestration will impact them, another Huntsville organization is doing the same, TARCOG.

Workers at the company help senior citizens be more independent through the different programs they offer, but they say that could change with the sequester.

The March 1 deadline has come, and President Obama has signed the order authorizing billions of dollars in federal cuts. It's an ending that leaves workers at TARCOG worried.

"We work with programs that are funded federally and with state funds, so it gives us a lot of concern if these programs are cut across the board. Obviously, we are looking to have cuts in every single program," said Nancy Robertson, director of the aging program at TARCOG. 

The business provides many services to the region's 60 and older elderly population. They help them with health insurance counseling, a meal, a job, and more.

"If you cut programs that keep people independent, where are they going turn?" Robertson asked.  "They don't have people going to Washington to lobby for them, so it's really challenging to get people to realize there is that side to the sequestration."

A side that Robertson said will see some setbacks from the cuts.

"Some will be in meals; we're looking at our employment program for older workers," she said.  "That'll have to be cut back a little and all the different things we do - we're concerned."

How and when remain two big questions with TARCOG.  Robertson said they are trying to put a plan in place, just in case.

"We're just trying to look ahead," she said.  "We may have to do more fundraisers and we are wondering if we are going to have to truly cut services, where can we cut them with the least impact to daily lives?"

TARCOG workers are waiting to hear back from the Alabama Department of Senior Services to fill in the blanks on how they will proceed in the future.

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