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AL Senate to argue School Flexibility Bill


The Alabama Senate plans to argue a bill that would give school districts more flexibility in planning their agendas.

The Senate hoped to vote on the School Flexibility Bill on Tuesday, but the absence of three Republican senators forced them to postpone this vote, ideally, for Thursday. It passed the house earlier this month.

The bill would let schools systems have more say in many state education laws, as long as they are approved by the board of education.

The bill would also let school districts apply to make their own decisions on hiring and funding without the burden of statewide laws.

Supporters have argued that the education needs in one area could differ from the needs of another area in the state.

For example, some school officials said they want to set their own calendars and not adhere to a statewide one, but there are some limits. Schools cannot ask to pay teachers less and opt out of teacher retirement systems or state health insurance plans.

Any proposal for change must go before public meetings and be posted on a public website before it goes to the state school board for approval.

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