Trial resumes for man charged with making terrorist threat

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The trial for a Limestone County man charged with making a threat against a high school principal is underway.

Investigators said Thomas Smoak drove onto the Athens High School campus with a loaded shotgun in his van.

During the defense's opening statement, his attorney told jurors Smoak is charged with making a terrorist threat but never directly communicated a threat to anyone.

His defense also said Smoak cannot be convicted of possessing a deadly weapon because the gun is legally owned, and state law allows people to have guns on school property.

Investigators say Smoak went to Athens High School with the gun because he was angry that the school has suspended his son for making a racial slur back in May, 2010.

On Tuesday, the prosecution called Athens High School principal Chris Bolen to the stand. He testified that Smoak's wife called the school to warn them that her husband was coming to the school with a gun, and that she said they need to lock up the school.

He also testified that Athens Police were with him as he spotted the blue van Smoak's wife described drive onto school property.

Smoak drove away, and police pulled him over, discovering a loaded shotgun and shells in his pocket.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning.

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