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Loose emu evades capture, dies of heart attack

(WMC-TV) - What do you do when an emu takes over your neighborhood, darting in and out of traffic? Luckily, that is not a regular occurrence in the Mid-South but it made for an interesting day in Tipton County.

Robert Bing said it was the fastest thing on two feet he had ever seen.

"I didn't even know what an emu was," he said.

Video shows Brighton residents trying to corner the bird. Many of the people involved did not even know what kind of animal they were looking at.

"I said, 'What's an emu?' I thought it was an ostrich," said Bing.

Bing was one of the people who tried to capture the emu and get it to safety.

Moments before, the bird was seen running near busy Highway 51.

Many were afraid it would get hit by a car.

"I got to where I dove for him and jumped on his back and rode him for two seconds," explained Bing.

Bing says the bird broke one man's leg and injured another man's hand when they were trying to capture it.

He says sometimes you have to take chances to try and save an animal's life.

Sadly, the emu died Monday during the capture. Wildlife officials say he likely had a heart attack because of all of the commotion.

"I'd probably kept him to eat. They say emu are delicious. I'd like to know what they did with him cause I'd put him on the grill," Bing added.

It is still unclear where the emu came from or who owned it.

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