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Your Week in Viral Videos: If you need it, we got it

(RNN) – About the only thing it's OK to overdose on is cuteness, and we have plenty of that this week.

Courtesy of a father who has a deep love of both his daughter and commercial jingles, we present to you the most fantastic singing duo ever.

Well, the best since Peaches and Herb. We're just saying.


As a rule, if you are going to produce a video to explain how to do something, you should probably do it right.

For instance, we're not judging anyone who has a spare tire or cheesecake arms, it's just that they would lose money if they were on the cover of a workout DVD.

This young lady, and she's cute as can be, had a priceless look on her face when she realized she couldn't get her own advice right.


We all have natural reactions to things we are not familiar with. Babies put things in their mouths. Tourists overeat. Politicians filibuster.

So what do cats do when they see a foreign object? They swat and poke at it, naturally.

It could have been worse, say for example, if this guy owned a dog. He might have been on the hook for some serious computer repair, and we would have gotten a lot more laughs out of it.


A cheerleader for William Carey University performed a feat that was a mixture of her acrobatic skills and the hand-eye coordination necessary for great hoops players.

This is a halfcourt shot you have to see to believe, and even then, you will probably have to replay it three or four times.

As an aside, the women's basketball team recently finished its season 9-17, including a streak of 10 straight losses, so maybe this young lady was wearing the wrong uniform. Just a thought.


Doing anything in golf is much harder than it looks. Just ask anyone not named Tiger Woods.

But getting nine people to do the same thing on the same hole at the same time is almost impossible. The key word here is almost.

Thank goodness someone had a camera handy – two cameras, actually – when the seniors in the Campbell University PGA golf management program performed the game's equivalent of a big fish tale.


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