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3 football players have shot at youthful offender status

Eddie Williams, Brent Calloway, Tyler Hayes, Dennis Pettway Eddie Williams, Brent Calloway, Tyler Hayes, Dennis Pettway

Three suspended Crimson Tide football players have applied for youthful offender status in connection with a robbery and a stolen credit card. There were actually four players involved in the incidents, but so far only three have filed the request. 

Attorneys say the players have a shot because they are less than 21 years old.

"What that does for them is they are treated more or less like a juvenile," said Attorney Mark McDaniel. "If a judge grants youthful offender status, then they could not get more than three years in jail, more than likely they will get probation."

Earlier this month, four players were arrested in connection with crimes on campus.  Dennis Pettway and Tyler Hayes are facing robbery charges. Eddie Williams is charged with robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card. Brent Calloway is accused of using a stolen debit card. Calloway, Williams, and Pettway have filed for the status. All of the players are under the age of 21, which means they have a shot at youthful offender status. 

'They can still be tried, but there wouldn't be a jury, everything would be closed," McDaniel said.  "They would not have a criminal record after everything is disposed of."

McDaniel said their future would look much brighter if a judge considers their request. 

"So they are facing two to 20 years, so if they got youthful offender they have no criminal record," he said.

But it is not just up to the judge to decide; the victim could affect the outcome too. 

"If the victim comes in and opposes their request, then it will be a long shot for them to get it," McDaniel said.  

All the players have been suspended from the team.

A preliminary hearing for Eddie Williams and Brent Calloway is set for March 19th.

Tyler Hayes has not filed a youthful offender request.

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