Star student has great advice for success

Hunter Paff from East Lawrence
Hunter Paff from East Lawrence

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Freshman Hunter Paff, from East Lawrence High School in Trinity, has discovered to secret to enjoying school.

"I love learning because you can always get better at it, you never top out at it you can always go higher," he said.

We caught up with him last week, and even though we interrupted a math test, he was able to roll with the flow and still complete his exam.

The baseball player maintains a 4.1 GPA, stays involved in school clubs, and even offers a helping hand to neighbors in need. He says his motivation and discipline are because of a strong family unit.

"It really takes a lot of time and stuff without my parents and my family it would be impossible because they're always supporting me with everything I do," said Hunter.

Hunter said while it can be tempting to just blow off school work, he's determined to stay focused.

"If I wanted to I too I could play my game system or something all day you know and not study and I'd be making C's and stuff, but that's not acceptable for me, I like to be at the top of stuff," he said.

Hunter's advice to students who want to succeed in school....

"Never give up because if you give up, you're never going to get anywhere, you always have to keep on trying. If you fail try something different and keep on going at it," said Hunter.

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