Shrine to 9-year-old found in TN man's home

Shrine inside the home.
Shrine inside the home.

CLARKSVILLE, TN (WAFF) - Tennessee authorities arrested a man they said had a shrine in his home dedicated to a 9-year-old girl.

Clarksville Police received a tip that 63-year-old Lenzo Grooms had a shrine in his house of a young girl he had photographed as part of his photography business, "Have Brush Will Travel."

Officials said the girl had visited the home several times with a family friend between October 2012 and January 2013 to have her pictures taken.

Investigators said the girl was given money and gifts for the pictures to be taken.

Officials said Grooms had set up a bedroom for the girl to stay in and had inappropriately touched her on one of the visits. Investigators said he rubbed lotion on the girl's buttocks.

The girl's mother said she noticed a change in her attitude after the occasion. The girl told her what happened, and the mother refused to let her visit the man again.

On February 2, Grooms attempted to visit the girl at an address where she used to live. The property owner told him he was not wanted there. Grooms showed up at the residence several days in a row and threatened the people who lived there.

Officials said he told the property owner, "if she did not deliver certain items to the nine year old female he would end her life."

A tactical unit was dispatched to his home to arrest him.

Grooms was charged with sexual battery, assault and criminal trespass.

Investigators said Grooms had a criminal history which included second degree murder and robbery charges.

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