Madison Co. Schools pass two different schedules for 2013-2014

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Madison County School System has approved two different calendars for the 2013-2014 year - depending on what happens in Montgomery.

The first calendar - which is based on the current model, and assumes no changes in the law - has no fall break, and begins on August 19th. The last day of school would be May 23rd. Students would have off for Labor Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day and the day after New Years'. Thanksgiving break would be three days (Wednesday - Friday), Christmas break would be from Monday 12/23 - Friday 1/3. Spring break would run an entire week from March 24-28.

However, if the legislature passes the School Flexibility Bill currently being debated in the Senate (it's expected to pass), key parts of the schedule will be radically different.

School would begin two full weeks sooner - on August 6th. Class would end on May 22nd, but there would be more days off in between. Fall break would come between October 7-11. Students would be off on President's Day (February 17, 2014) and Christmas break would last two extra days (Friday December 20th and Friday Jan. 3 would be off days under the alternate schedule.)

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