Pets, Love, and Happiness: A furry Valentine

Pets, Love and Happiness is an unusual boutique.
Pets, Love and Happiness is an unusual boutique.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Pets, Love and Happiness is more than just the name of an unusual boutique; it's also a theme to live and shop by, according to store owner Rebeca Santos.

"We lived in Dallas at the time and we used to go shopping at all the pet boutiques and I came to Huntsville and we didn't have any," she said.

That's all changed now for a lady with a motto, especially on Valentine's Day.

"Your best sweetheart is the one who has fur," grinned Santos.

Suddenly, you are aware of a loud sound permeating the lull in the building. Piper, the shop cat, thinks it's "purrfect." He explores everything, looking for the best Valentine gift, to the point where Santos has to keep the catnip under lock and key.

There are reminders of puppy love everywhere, even a clock with "doggy happy hour."  And there are toys deemed strong and even pit bull proof.  Santos showed us a sturdy ball that is her pit bull's favorite.

"Her favorite. It's about four years old, and you can see it's been chewed and well loved," she said.

There are Frisbees for the fierce, dog and cat treats, even art work.  The art works all move and are very funny.

"These are all made by an artist from Colorado," said Santos.  "You see free kisses, and they're all interactive... Scaredy Cat… And up here you see Peeping Toms."

Cafe Mouse has dessert being dipped into the mug, and for the dog lovers, there's even a dog which goes from mundane to mad with one little pull.

Old bike tires become pet collars, complete with a bottle opener.  Santos showed us one of her favorites for the pet owner who loves to run or walk with their dog.

"This is just the coolest little thing for those of us who walk our dogs," she said. "You just pop it open and you just pour the water and the rest is clean for you to drink."

Of course, there are gifts for the humans who belong to their pets.  There are shirts, and, again, Santos has some favorites of her own.

"Never sleep alone."

There are all kinds of goodies for the four legged Valentine in your life and those who love them. With so many choices to choose from, it's not that tough to be "pawsative" about your pet on Valentine's in Bobby's Bama.

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