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Mom wants school to protect special needs daughter

Kim Cothren is very scared of what could happen to her daughter. Kim Cothren is very scared of what could happen to her daughter.

As the hostage situation in Dale County continues, it brings a Madison County mother's concerns to light. She said for nearly a year, her daughter's school bus has been followed by a family member. She's notified the proper authorities to make it stop, but still nothing has been done. 

"It's very scary," Kim Cothren said, describing the last year of her life. 

At least once a week, Cothren said that a non-blood family member has been following her daughter Ashley's school bus, waiting for the 12-year-old special needs girl to get off the bus.

"It's aggravating, it's nerve-wracking, it's hard to deal with," she said.  "I have told everybody. The people over the bus, the bus drivers know him; they tell me when they see him. I've filed multiple police reports, and I've kept documents for over a year of every incident doing what they told me to do, trying to go by the law, and I run into dead ends."

Officials with Madison County schools said they are aware of Cothren's claims, but following the bus the distance down Brooks Church Road isn't enough.  They said unless the man approaches the bus, there is nothing they can do.   

Cothren said if she waits until the man has done something, it will be too late.   

After Tuesday's shooting that left a bus driver shot and killed and a child held hostage, Cothren said the tragedy hit close to home.    

"It was even scarier because I'm sure that he sees it on TV too, and it gives him ideas about how or what to do," she said. 

School officials said they do take these claims very seriously.  They said they have had their staff follow that bus to make sure that no one is trying to get on.

Cothren said she will keep documenting these instances.

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