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Poison investigation underway after sick dogs

(WMC-TV) - The Panola County Sheriff department is working a case with state investigators who said they're investigating improper use of a pesticide that could have poisoned some area dogs.

Justin Unruh is a veterinarian at Family Pet Hospital in Batesville.

He remembers the difficulty of having to euthanize a puppy weeks ago.

"We've seen one that was a nine week old puppy - came in with severe tremors, we tried all of our protocols to try to stop the tremors and give the puppy some relief and unfortunately we weren't able to. We had to euthanize the puppy," said Unruh.

Investigators are looking into allegations that several dogs were poisoned in the Eureka Community, South of Batesville.

The state department of agriculture would said the chemical in question is temic.

They have a suspect who may have been misusing the pesticide.

"Most of the dogs that ingest that experience excessive salivation, lacrimation, they generally have diarrhea , they can experience sever muscle tremors," said Unruh.

The sheriff's office couldn't comment on how many dogs may have died, but neighbors report as many as 10 died after suffering from the same type of symptoms as the puppy Unruh tried to save.

Unruh is not sure if the incidents are related, but is glad an investigation is underway.

"The effects of this poison are very severe they do suffer quite a bit before they die. So if there was something that we could do to prevent," said Unruh.

State investigators said they hope their investigation will be wrapped up at some point next week.

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