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God vs. Guns: Valley church holds gun control discussion


A discussion was held at a Huntsville church on gun control where panelists with very different views talked about the issue from a faith perspective.

Huntsville business owner D. Scott McLain lost his 23-year-old son to gun violence five years ago.

"Matthew was wearing a suit and was looking into the refrigerator to get something to eat. He shot him and that was that. Matthew was in the wrong apartment," said McLain.

But McLain is a gun owner himself, so you can imagine his views on this debate are somewhat different from most people.

"I think the 2nd Amendment says you have the right to bear arms, but you also have the right to bear a car. We license cars, insure cars, and have rules about cars," said McLain.

Clinical psychologist Kenneth Sullivan looks at things a bit differently.

He thinks the debate centers around fear.

"People seem to want guns because they are afraid. Sometimes they are afraid the government is going to take away their guns and sometimes they are afraid people with guns are going to attack them," explained Sullivan.

He says the fear is actually much larger than the real danger.

"Our best hope is for people to decide they don't want guns and not that the government is going to be taking guns away from them," said Sullivan.

Regardless of what side you are on, Kenneth Anderson wants this discussion to lead to other ones.

"Huntsville is not immune from gun violence. We have had one of the major mass shootings in recent years," said Anderson.

He hopes people can find answers through their faiths and agree to disagree.

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