Bionic Hand has the latest in technology for Decatur man

Hall lost his hand in an industrial accident.
Hall lost his hand in an industrial accident.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Tim Hall lost his hand in an industrial accident October 25, 2011.

"I turned to him and said, 'Hey I dropped my,' and I looked and said, 'my hand!' And it was gone."

Thanks to some quick thinking on the part of co-workers and first responders, he's alive to talk about it and to talk about the latest prosthetic technology from "Touch Bionics" in the UK.

"It is bionic by definition. But no, it's not going to crush anybody," said Hall.

That's good since Tim greets everyone with a handshake.

"I can shake your hand and it's only about five pounds of pressure."

The hand knows what to do when sensors in the device are prodded by Hall's muscles.

Modern medicine is also dictated by modern technology. In fact, the use of an iPod and a telephone has a big part in this story.

"The phone itself I use as a tether for WiFi. And then the WiFi goes to the iPod and the iPod picks up the signal from the blue tooth in this hand. Then I can run a check on all my digits," said Hall.

Once everything is programmed, he can do all kinds of things, once thought impossible. He zips his jacket using both "hands." What makes the hand so impressive is the ability to grip and even pinch.

"This is very versatile. I mean you know you start thinking about the little ok signs and I can get on the keyboard and go like this," said Hall.

There are several gloves for the device. What he has on cost about $100,000.

It's the latest technology to lend a helping hand in making it possible to work and help with daily living skills.

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