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Huntsville Police Department gets new equipment

New 2013 Interceptor. New 2013 Interceptor.

Huntsville Police Officers are hitting the streets with all new equipment.

New 2013 Interceptors will be replacing Huntsville's aging Crown Victoria fleet.

Some of the Interceptors are already on the road, and police said they are a badly needed upgrade from the current models.

"They've gone to a 2013 Interceptor, which has a little smaller frame, but it has things we need like it's a six cylinder engine, better gas mileage with the same performance, all wheel drive, electronic stability, side impact airbags, so we've gone to from an 80's technology and engine to 2000's technology," said Captain Vince Dauro.

Officers will also have a new side arm. The department is phasing out the Beretta 9 millimeter in favor of a Smith and Wesson M&P 9 millimeter.

Officials said there will be extensive training on the new weapons as they come into service.

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