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Contact 9: Retired teacher: ‘My toilets are blowing up!'

Jenkins' yard full of water Jenkins' yard full of water

Retired Baton Rouge teacher Cheryl Jenkins' back yard is covered in water due to the rains Wednesday. She lives just off Glen Oaks Drive in North Baton Rouge. When heavy rain like this happens Jenkins' toilets begin to back up.

"The way it is now, it's the worst it's ever been," says Jenkins. "The toilets start bubbling and bubbling and if you try to use it then the water comes over the bowl."

She has called East Baton Rouge Public Works. They have responded and came out and replaced a line in her back yard; but Jenkins says that only made the problem worse.

"Were sorry this happened," says William Daniel former DPW director now Chief Administrative Officer for the city/parish. "Obviously this is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner." But Daniel says help is on the way. "The whole idea behind the Sanitary Sewer Overflow or SSO program is to stop these problems and ultimately when the project is done, we think for the most part, all those problems will disappear."

Daniel says the SSO program will spend $1.3 billion over the next two years on sewer projects here in the parish. Currently the Department of Public Works is working on more than 100 projects.

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