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Advocates seek action for human trafficking


Advocates for exploited women and girls are urging the community to look for signs of human trafficking.

The Huntsville Madison County Human Trafficking task force said it's a major problem in the valley.

The group said the victims are being brought to Alabama.

At a meeting, Tajuan McCarty spoke about her being forced into prostitution. Today, she rescues victims and raises the alarm for the women, girls, homeless and illegal aliens who end up as sex slaves.

She said the problem isn't going away.

"25 years after being trafficked to Birmingham, I was rescued off of the same front porch I was trafficked to. Somebody else? Somebody else?  Same situation you'd been in?  Same situation.  Same house!  25 years later.  This is a problem.   We have to do something about it."

The task force said Alabama has good human trafficking laws, but the group said repeated episodes, like a bust last month at a motel in Madison, show the urgent need for more attention.

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