Alabama puts the spotlight on school safety

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School safety is the hot topic in Alabama this morning. Teachers are teaming up with lawmakers and law enforcement today. They're meeting in Montgomery to talk about how the State can do more to protect our students.

Madison City Schools says they're already increasing security. They did so after the Discovery Middle School shooting in 20-10. School leaders say it's still a work in progress, but they plan to increase security at the schools entryways soon.

Arab city leaders are also taking action by placing armed officers in all four City schools. Superintendent Dr. John Mullins says the school board made the decision for school officers after the shooting in Newtown. The armed officers were in schools, when students returned from Winter break.

Christine Pae will have a live report at 5:04 a.m. detailing the City of Arab's new policy and how much it's costing taxpayers.

Also, in our 6:00 a.m. hour, advocates for exploited women and girls are urging you to be on the lookout for signs of human trafficking.

The Huntsville Madison County Human Trafficking Task Force says it's a major problem in the Tennessee Valley. The group says victims are now being brought into the valley.

We'll have an interview with a victim who says she was forced into prostitution.

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