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Russell Co. student accused of attempted terror plot appears in court


He walked into the courtroom in shackles and did not say a word. Admitted white supremacist 17-year-old Derek Shrout pled not guilty to attempted assault.

The Russell County High School senior is accused of being a mastermind behind a terror-plot motivated by race and sexual orientation.

Sheriff Heath Taylor says something as simple as the way someone dressed made them a target.

"These kids made the list because of things he observed them doing just in general. For example, wearing their pants baggy was an indicator," Sheriff Taylor said. "I think he said that one of them disrespected the American flag at some point in the classroom. Things like that, in his mind, [qualified them for] this hit-list."

Shrout's defense attorney Jeremy Armstrong said the entire situation is a big misunderstanding after the arraignment.

"He had no intentions of hurting anyone," said Armstrong. "I think this might have been blown a little bit out of proportion in light of what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Of course everybody in our nation is on edge about that kind of thing."

Armstrong says Shrout's family was prepared to post the $75,000 bond as soon as court was over.

There are several conditions to Shrout's bond: he cannot have any contact with anyone from Russell County High School under any circumstances. He is on house arrest and has to wear an ankle bracelet. He also has to be monitored when using the internet.

Shrout posted bond a couple of hours after the hearing.

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