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Football fans mean big business for BCS vendors


With just three days until the big matchup between Alabama and Notre Dame, vendors are already starting to roll out their wares.

The game is set for Monday night at Sunlife Stadium in Miami and fans are flocking to the Sunshine State to get a piece of the action, and vendors are already setting up shop.

Vendors selling championship hats and t-shirts with team logos are common, but salesman said 70 percent of their merchandise is Notre Dame gear.

He said the team has a devoted fan base and that coupled with the fact that the team hasn't been to a championship game in almost 25 years means a lot of Notre Dame fans are making the trip.

Alabama, on the other hand, has played in three of the last four national championship games, but that doesn't Tide fans won't be big business as well.

"We were here for the Superbowl three years ago and six years ago and the plethora of hotels up this way there are just fans everywhere and everyone wants to get a piece of this historic game so we know sales are going to be great," said President of Sports Fan Marketing Steve Sodell.

Some fans are even making the ultimate step and getting a tattoo to commemorate their BCS trip.

Tattoo artists along Fort Lauderdale beach said they see it every time there is a big game played in town, and when the last BCS game was held in Miami in 2009, they saw plenty of fans pledging their permanent pride in their team.  

"There are diehard fans down here that really support their team and carrying that logo around with them is kind of a badge of honor," said tattoo artist Jason Anthony.

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