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Tyler police conduct two investigations following officer-involved shooting


More details are emerging about the officer-involved shooting that ended in the death of a Tyler man.

On New Years Eve, 22-year old Victor Fuentes was shot and killed by Tyler Police Officer Matt Riggle. Riggle and another officer responded to the scene after a report of multiple gunshots being fired at the residence. Police say Fuentes refused to drop his weapon and then aimed it at the officer. Fuentes' father, who says he was present during the shooting, denies his son ever pointed his weapon at the officer.

Tyler Police could not comment on the specific details of the case, as the investigation is still ongoing. But, we do know a two-fold investigation now has authorities conducting both criminal and internal investigations. Like any crime scene, authorities are conducting interviews and collecting evidence.

"Once that case is completed, then that's forwarded to the district attorney's office to see if there have been any laws broken. Then, if he sees it necessary, it goes before a grand jury," says Tyler Police Department Officer Don Martin.

On the administrative side of the department, an internal affairs investigator is charged with analyzing the weapons involved in the incident and reviewing policy and procedure.

"He compiles his investigation and that is forwarded up the chain of command at the department up to the chief. Then, there's also a shooting review board that is put in place. They go before that shooting review board to clarify whether the shooting was justified or not justified," says Martin.

Police originally stated there were indications at the crime scene suggesting gang associations with the residence, but they would not elaborate. A judicial records search showed two of the victim's family members, with addresses on file matching the address of the crime scene. have been arrested in the past. Christina Fuentes jailed six times for theft dating back to 2006 and Juan Fuentes arrested twice for engaging in organized criminal activity in 2007.

Family members says Victor Fuentes was "a good kid" and "a family man." He had no record on file at the Smith County Jail.

Officer Riggle has been put on paid administrative leave while the investigations continue. Police say an internal affairs investigation can take weeks to complete.

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