Sen. Bill Holtzclaw not sold on armed teachers

Senator Bill Holtzclaw (Source: Alabama State Senate)
Senator Bill Holtzclaw (Source: Alabama State Senate)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Senator Bill Holtzclaw expressed concern at the idea of arming teachers in Alabama.

Holtzclaw is a former Marine and current senator in a district which covers 43 schools in five districts.

Holtzclaw said in his personal blog while he is a firm supporter of the second amendment, he is doubtful on whether teachers should be armed.

He said there are many factors to consider, including would the teacher draw to show or shoot or are teachers granted immunity for students that are injured unintentionally.

Holtzclaw stated that teachers would have to go intense high stress training to prepare them for rapid decision making, confusion, loud noises, bright lights and distractions.

"When training Marines I shot several weapons in a single day and hundreds of rounds of ammunition a week – it was my primary job. Today, I'm good, but I'm not nearly as good as I once was. My point, it takes time and dedication to acquire and maintain this skill level. Should we expect teachers to maintain this skill level when armed in a school with our children?" said Holtzclaw.

He said going into the debates, there needs to be clear and obtainable goals.

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