Muscle Shoals Star Student keeps a positive attitude

MUSCLE SHOALS, AL (WAFF) - Remember the movie "Mean Girls" well if there were ever one called "Nice Girls" 7th grader Kate Mann from Muscle Shoals Middle School would be the star.

"I think about the good things in life and I just try not to focus on only the bad," she says.

Her positive attitude is what got her nominated for this weeks Star Student. While she is a good student who make good grades, her teachers and peers say that's not what makes the 7th grader stand out. She's nice to everyone.

"Well I was a new student two years ago and I know that it's hard getting to know people and it's important to be nice because everyone has feelings," says Kate.

This includes special needs students at her school. Her teachers have said that Kate goes out of her way to make these students feel wanted and included.

"They're really like us. They're like everybody else. It's just they may be a little different in their own way," she says.

For making the grade and just being a nice girl, Kate Man is our Star Student of the week.

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