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Gun store sees spike in sales after mass shooting


Anxiety over safety has permeated the public in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.

Last Resort Guns in Madison has seen a steady stream of customers in the days after the devastating shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"People are very disturbed by what happened in Connecticut, and it makes them feel insecure," said store co-owner Russell Durling.

Durling said that insecurity is driving more customers to his store.

"We saw a big spike in our sales on Black Friday, and we saw another spike on sales on Saturday," he said. 

Durling said this sudden, higher interest in firearms is all about a need to feel secure.

"People who feel insecure about their surroundings and about the future are purchasing weapons - people who have not purchased weapons before," he explained.

It's not the first time Toney resident Randal Campbell is buying a gun. He already owns 30 firearms. On this day, he's buying a brand new Ruger rifle.

"It does give me a sense of security to know that at least if I'm put in those kind of circumstances, maybe I'm able to do something to protect myself and my family," said Campbell.

Campbell said owning a gun offers him a sense of protection that he wouldn't get from anything else.

Durling expects steady crowds through the week.  He said he noticed customers have mostly been interested in handguns.

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