How Valley Schools Are Reviewing Security Today

This morning, you can expect to see some security changes in valley schools. Http:// Administrators spent the weekend reviewing procedures in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting on Friday. And all morning long on WAFF 48 News Today, our Christine Pae will break down where they're making those changes, what you'll see and how they're looking at other means to make sure students and teachers are safe.

We'll also check in with the day ahead in Newtown, Connecticut. Some of the children that were killed Friday will be laid to rest today. Http:// NBC's Danielle Leigh joins us live at 6:00 to fill us in on how the community is coping.

Also this morning, we're learning more about a University of North Alabama football player who was kicked off the team last night. He tweeted a message about President Obama while he talked during Sunday Night Football, one that was labeled racist. WAFF's Lauren Morrison has more on what he said and what UNA has to say.

We have another Star Student for you this morning. You'll meet her at 5:56.

And when will the rain stop? Meteorologist Dale Bader says sometime today, though we may see some more showers this morning before they go away. Dale's in for Jeff this morning. He's tracking the end of the rain with Pinpoint Predictor, though he's seeing more rain coming back in just a few days.

Here's hoping there's some sunshine for your Monday. We'll try to make it even brighter for you this morning. Tune in and see for yourself! WAFF 48 News Today is on right now.

-- Jim Abath