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Church community buys dream home for mom in-need

The three-bedroom home is in Decatur. The three-bedroom home is in Decatur.

Amy Hale never dreamed it would come to this.

Hand-in-hand, she and her three-year-old daughter Gabby walked up the steps of their new house for the first time on Wednesday, but they couldn't go inside the house just yet.

Several more renovations had to be made, and the church that helped buy the house has yet to make the full reveal. Saturday, pastors and members will present the home to her.

For now, Hale can at least admire the front door, painted brightly in one of her favorite colors – red.

The new house is a world apart from the apartment that she's been living in with her young daughter.

"Just being a single mom and just, a lot of struggles, I never dreamed -- period -- that this would happen to me," Hale said.

But such a gesture has happened to her because of Bené Marsh.

Marsh and her husband are lead pastors at the Epic Church in Decatur.

Marsh said she knew she wanted to help a single mother attending her church. She just did not quite know yet how to do it until one day while writing on her journal one year ago -- she received a revelation.

"I said I really feel like we're supposed to buy someone a home. But I said, 'who God? How do you decide who to buy a home for?' And I wrote her name down. I wrote, ‘Amy Hale.'"

Marsh said she also knew it was a sign that a realtor had suddenly contacted her about a potential home, not knowing she was already looking for one.

With the help of church members, Marsh bought a three-bedroom house in Decatur within the next year.

For months, the group kept the plan a secret and in October, Marsh finally told the 24-year-old mom the good news: it was time to move.

"She came around the car and gave me the key and was telling me; I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe it," Hale said.

Hale said she looks forward to raising her daughter in the security of what will be a furnished home, complete with a "princess room" and most of all, a backyard.

"Something as simple as playing in your backyard or having your own room; you sometimes take for granted. Because a lot of people don't have that," Hale said.

But Hale and her daughter can now enjoy their dream house complete with a yard. She had only a few words to the community that came together to help her:

"Thank you for being a part of God's blessing. It's just amazing."

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