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Officials say no shooting threat at Sparkman HS, 750 students absent

Many students stayed home from Sparkman High School because of rumors about a possible shooting. Many students stayed home from Sparkman High School because of rumors about a possible shooting.

School officials said there was never a threat at Sparkman High School after rumors of a possible shooting at the school started swirling earlier in the week.

Parents who were worried about the rumors kept their children home from school Wednesday. Officials said 750 out of 1,800 students were out of school. Officials have not said if those absences will be excused or unexcused. They are meeting to make a decision later Wednesday.

At a press conference Wednesday morning, Madison County school officials said a student's tweet set off rumors about a threat at the school. They said the initial tweet was not a threat, and the student was never involved in a fight. They would not disclose what the tweet said.

"It came back that there was never a true, credible threat. It just kind of went viral, and in the social media realm, you're able to say things, assume things without any facts, and that's exactly what happened," said superintendent Dr. David Copeland.

Officials said the student was frustrated over a relationship and tweeted about a fight with his girlfriend. That's when, according to school officials, parents and students spread rumors about a possible threat. Dr. Copeland said the tweet wasn't a threat to the school. Copeland also said the student responsible for the tweet will not be punished since he didn't do anything wrong.

The school system has a plan in place to alert parents and students to threats. Officials said an alert was not sent because there was never a credible threat to the school.

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