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Judge delays youthful offender status ruling for accused murderer

Ezekiel Gholston Ezekiel Gholston

Attorneys for Ezekiel Gholston are trying to get youthful offender status for their client, one of the three charged in the Krystal murders in Decatur. The hearing was on Tuesday.

Everyone outside of the victims' family members, the attorneys, and the defendant were ordered out of the courtroom by the judge. Gholston's attorneys requested that to protect confidentiality.

This motion for youthful status is important because if granted, it could prohibit the death penalty for Gholston if he is convicted. It would still leave him open to life in prison without parole, but youthful status would ensure a jury would have another sentencing option on the table.

Judge Glenn Thompson said he will rule on the youthful offender status request for Gholston within a few days, not earlier than Friday.

Gholston, who was 20 years old when the double homicide happened, is one of three suspects charged for the murders of Krystal employees Jesse Aguilar and Mark Graff during a robbery at the restaurant in the summer of 2011. 

Jordaan Creque and Cassandra Eldred also face capital murder charges for the murders.

Neither Creque nor Eldred applied for youthful offender status.

They both remain in jail without bond, and trial dates have not been set.

The district attorney said he plans to seek the death penalty for all three suspects.

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