New Priceville medical clinic convenient for residents

The clinic got approval as a rural health care clinic this summer.
The clinic got approval as a rural health care clinic this summer.

PRICEVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Mary and John Malone are Somerville residents. They are also patients at the new N C Health Care Clinic in Priceville. John said he loves the location.

"The way things have worked out here, I am saving on time, money, energy all things," he said.

The clinic got approval as a rural health care clinic this summer.

"Mr. Misori and Beth really take care of us, and we are just so pleased that our clinic, so to speak, is here," added John.

A big convenience for people living in this area is the proximity to the interstate. That's how the Malones found it.

"We had seen the sign from the highway," said Mary.

Because the clinic is so close, it only takes them a few minutes to drive from their home. It took much longer to get to Decatur or Huntsville.

Community need and supplying jobs are just a couple reasons why Clay New and others decided to open the clinic.

"We know that Priceville is the fastest growing municipality in Morgan County, and there was a building available. And I've always thought about medical care could be delivered more affordably, and accessibly and to make it convenient. Our health is our most important asset to me," said New.

He said there is nothing in this area, east of I-65.

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Charles Misori said the types of sickness they see here are usually primary care issues and chronic illnesses.

"We see mostly common cold, sinusitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma - you know people who have skin disorders, like eczema. These are things we see frequently," said Misori.

Misori said if someone comes in with something urgent like a heart attack, they stabilize them and send them via ambulance to a hospital.

There is also a collaborating physician who oversees medical decisions made at the clinic in Priceville.

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