Law enforcement members honored for jobs well done

Monday, Huntsville Policeman Shane Killingsworth received the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.

Two months ago, he chased down a stolen car suspect. The arrest turned into one of the biggest drug seizures in local history.

Madison County Deputy Brent Beavers was honored too for his role in a shootout with a man in 2011 that left him seriously wounded.

The awards were presented by the Sons of the American Revolution and North Alabama Thin Line Support. The group was founded by a former policewoman and her husband who's a HEMSI paramedic.

"Before I was shot last year, they'd come together and were taking supplies and donations - just getting them in one central location where it can be a quick response team," said Beavers. "This group has grown rapidly. We've got donations coming from all over the country we keep stored just for the next - God willing there's not one - but for the next event."

The man who police believe shot Beavers, Joseph Shriver, is awaiting trial. His next court appearance in the case is set for February 1.

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