Star Student says relaxation a key to his success

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If you want to know the key to transforming your kid into a star student, you may want to consider giving them a little extra time to relax.

8th grader Harrison Driskell said his downtime is a must in order to stay focused on his school work.

"After school I go home and just relax, just clear my mind of everything I've done," he said.

Education, said Harrison, "builds a foundation for what you'll need to do in college and get a job."

Besides keeping his grades up, Harrison is a center on his schools basketball team and last season helped the team win County. Off season he continues his training and he says that discipline makes him better. Harrison says basketball definitely helps him off the court and in the classroom.

"It teaches you that hard work pays off, that if you practice something then you'll be better at it then if you didn't practice," said Harrison.

Harrison says he'd love to attend his mother's college, Vanderbilt.

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