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Tips lead police to drug operation


"I'm just afraid one of them is going to go crazy and do something to harm somebody or it blow up or something," said Whitney Cupp.

Cupp's cousin, Donna Townson was arrested Tuesday afternoon and is now facing drug charges.

Tuesday evening, Cullman County Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant at an RV located off of County Road 397 in Cullman.

Investigators said they found what they had received tips on for close to three months.

"We found several components of a meth lab, some finished product. It was around three to four grams of meth. Over four ounces of bikers coffee, which is basically coffee with meth in it," said Investigator Joey Cone.

When deputies searched the RV,  Carisa Corbin and Donna Townson were inside. Both were arrested. 

Tips from the area began the investigation. "Citizens in the neighborhood complaining about drug activity. The cars in and out, the cameras in the driveway," said Cone.

The property where the RV sits is also home to other family members and their houses.

Townson's father and uncle didn't want to go on camera but they say they knew what was going on.

Cupp said there were many times she felt unsafe in her own home with her four-month old son.

"I was very worried. I used to stay at home by myself with my son and I get pretty scared being at home by myself," said Cone.Even with the bust,  she still remains fearful buyers will still show up.

"Most of them don't probably know what's going on and if they do, they'll try to come down here anyway," said Cone.

Investigators expect more arrests to follow.




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