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Food for your mood

Mussels are a natural source of vitamin B-12. Mussels are a natural source of vitamin B-12.

What do you reach for if you're in a bad mood? Moulton Resident, Brandon Johnson, has his favorite.

"Most of the time when I get frustrated, kids, work, you name it, the first I go for is an ice cream cone," he said.

Hillsboro's Cassandra Bolden has her own favorite.

"If I'm anxious or stressed or whatever, I want blueberries or a smoothie with bananas or something. Vanilla is good. It helps relax you," she said.

According to "Men's Health" magazine, number one on the list of foods that end bad moods? Mussels - a natural source for B-12.

Kim Donohue is a registered dietician for Decatur Morgan Hospital. She said it's easy to see why mussels top the list.

"It helps carbohydrates, metabolism," said Donohue.

Next is chard - magnesium rich, raising energy levels and lessening depression.

Number three are blue potatoes.

"What makes it worth it is actually the antioxidant that's in the blue potatoes, just like blueberries or pomegranates," Donohue said.

They also help short term memory and reduce mood killing inflammation.

Number four is grass fed beef. It is leaner, contains CLA, which combats stress and blasts belly fat.

Number five is for the sweet tooth, according to Donohue.

"One ounce of dark chocolate, so like one piece of dark Dove chocolate candy a day can take that sweet craving away - would also help your mood," she said.

It also improves circulation and concentration.

Number six: Greek yogurt means extra calcium, protein, and turns on those feel good neurotransmitters.

Asparagus is one of the top sources of tryptophan, which helps create serotonin - a mood regulator. It also helps fight depression.

Number eight: Honey is a natural form of sugar with antioxidants and compounds which fight inflammation and mood swings.

Not regular but cherry tomatoes are in the number nine spot.

"Any type of antioxidant is going to help inflammation, its anti-cancer component," said Donohue.

And number 10 may surprise you!

"Eggs are very healthy, again high in omega 3's, high in B-12," added Donohue.

And, finally, coconut. It has a type of fat that keeps your brain healthy and promotes better moods.

For many of us, depression, frustration, even anger can lead to a trip to the store for chips or chocolate; but the nutritionist said it's better to think before you eat.

"I always say recognize why you're eating before you eat," advised Donohue. "Go for a walk. A walk is a natural de-stressor."

So forgo comfort food and get moving for a mood elevator.

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