Austin Lockard case headed to grand jury

Austin Lockard
Austin Lockard

LINCOLN COUNTY, TN (WAFF) - A Lincoln County teen was in court Friday in relation to the death of Bradley Durham.

Austin Lockard faces aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges, but not murder.

Investigators said Durham was found dead on the side of the highway in Tennessee last August.

A witness took the stand Friday and said Lockard was driving "fast and crazy" when he picked up Durham. The witness said he looked back and saw Durham in the air but doesn't know if he jumped or was thrown.

The witness said he wanted Lockard to stop and check on Durham but he wouldn't.

Defense attorneys said Lockard turned around to check on the man and Durham told him he was fine.

Attorneys said Lockard didn't know until the next day that Durham was dead. They said as soon as he learned, he called the sheriff's office.

Minor witnesses also took the stand and said Durham had been smoking meth or another drug prior to the incident.

Another minor from Hazel Green was also charged but the case was thrown out.

Lockard's case will go to the grand jury next. His case is set for December 18.

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