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Redstone Report: Raytheon comes to Redstone


A new Raytheon facility on Redstone Arsenal is providing jobs and enhancing national security. Standard Missiles 3 and 6 will be assembled, integrated, and tested at the new Missile Integration and Test facility. SM-3 and SM-6 are both used to intercept ballistic missiles fired by our enemies on US and allied forces.

"The SM-6 will be the most advanced area air warfare missiles that will protect a naval fleet from any oncoming threats," said Taylor Lawrence, the President of Raytheon Missile System.

The facility officially opened at the end of November, but it was a long road to Redstone. The company scouted nearly 100 other locations across the country. Lawrence said quite a few factors played into the decision to ultimately choose the Redstone location.

He cited good local colleges and the fact that Alabama is a business friendly state as just two reasons. But the main selling point was the fact that the Missile Defense Agency, the company's main customer, was right next door.

The Redstone/Raytheon relationship has already proven successful on the jobs fronts. More than 25 people have already been hired, and the company's long term goal is to hire 300. With the building designed for expandability, Raytheon's future at Redstone can only grow.

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