Alabamians cross state line for chance to win Powerball

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One lucky winner could hit it big Wednesday night and make history by winning the Powerball jackpot.

In this drawing, $550-million is up for grabs. That's enough to tempt the masses to flock to the counter for a ticket.

Many Alabamians are crossing the state line at Magic Mile in Fayetteville, Tennessee to purchase their chance to win millions.

But with the odds of winning at 1 in 175-million, many of those people will be disappointed.

We went to our resident numbers guy, UAH researcher, Dr. Wes Colley, for some sound advice. He said it's ok to dream, but don't go crazy and quit your job, because playing is already a risky investment.

He crunched the numbers, and he said it's just like poker. You have to get the first five numbers right of 59, and then you have to hit the Powerball out of 35 numbers. And when you multiple those two, you get the odds of 1 in 175-million.

Most people take the lump sum option, which brings you down to somewhere around $360-million if you're the only winner.

Colley said smart is the new rich, so you're better off keeping your two dollars and putting it in savings.

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