Student returns to school after brain aneurysm

Justin Newby
Justin Newby

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It doesn't seem too extraordinary of a scene, a little boy in class playing a learning game with a friend, but once you hear eight year old Justin Newby's story, you understand why it's a miracle.

One year ago Justin was fighting for his life.

"We received a phone call and stated that his head was hurting a little bit so we got to the daycare and upon getting to the daycare the daycare teacher was holding him in her arms," explained Justin's Father Maurice Newby.

Justin was rushed to Huntsville Hospital, but he needed more help and was flown to UAB. It was discovered that Justin had a brain aneurysm.

"He was in ICU for about two weeks," said his father.

He couldn't return to school but Endeavor Elementary provided a home school teacher who would come out a couple times a week. In spite of his trauma, Justin didn't miss a beat.

"After everything he's been through the last year, year and a half. For him to bounce back the was he has bounced back has been just a true blessing," said Newby.

Justin is back in school and says he happy to be back with his friends.