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Fans say new ASU stadium adds to Turkey Day Classic Rivalry


Montgomery resident Tunishia Thomas is a 2002 Tuskegee University graduate who says she is the odd ball of the family, being the only one who did not attend ASU.

"We're always going back and forth about who's going to win and whose better and this, that and the third and it's all in fun, but we don't play," Tuskegee alumni Tunishia Thomas said.

And neither does 2003 ASU graduate William Dean when it comes to his hornets.

"God, family, ASU," Alabama State University alumni William Dean said.

In that order, his passion for ASU runs deeper than the game.

Dean says there's a sentimental allegiance to the university as ASU head football coach Reggie B Barlow honored the death of his premature son at a home game in 2010 and gave him this keepsake football.

"And that means a lot to us as a family," Dean said.  

For this former ASU baseball player who was raised a hornet.

"I've missed one game in the last ten years. I've been to every Turkey Day Classic since I can remember," Dean said.

He's already shaping his six-month-old daughter Madison into a hornet.

"The game, that's the biggest thing for me because if we loose my whole Turkey Day is ruined," Dean said.

But they can agree on all the excitement and buzz that surrounds the new ASU stadium.

"and so it just adds to the excitement and to the rivalry even to go there and have this nice beautiful stadium that we can hopefully go in and beat them in. We're counting down the days," Thomas said.  

"I think this is the biggest one yet because of the stadium, also with our softball complex and baseball, all that in one it's just historical," Dean said.

And the countdown is on for construction workers who are approaching the completion deadline. Our Tametria Conner has been following the progress. WSFA 12 News will air a special feature on the new stadium this Tuesday during our 10 p.m. newscast. Tune in to hear from school and construction officials as well as alumni as the university embarks on a new area for the university.

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