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Church group fasts 30 hours to raise hunger relief awareness


A group of students will come to understand the value of a meal on Friday.

The youth group at Clements Baptist Church in Athens will participate in a 30-hour fast to bring more awareness to world hunger.

"It's a long time to go without food; just to identify with those people who deal with that everyday," said student pastor Justin Bedingfield.

Bedingfield is leading the demonstration with the guidance of humanitarian Christian organization, World Vision.

Dubbed the "30-Hour Famine," the purpose is for individuals to fully realize the problem of poverty and the hunger that often comes with it.

Those taking part in the fast on Friday said they don't want to simply discuss the problem; they want to feel it too.

"It's just good to see a different point of view every now and then," said Misty Johnson.

The goal is also to raise donation money that will go directly to communities that are affected by poverty.

This year, they will send funds to countries in the Horn of Africa.

Last year, Bedingfield said their efforts raised $10,000 for hunger relief in Haiti. Each dime was donated by people who heard about the fast and supported the cause.

Clements Baptist wants surpass that amount this year and reach $15,000.

"We're really trying to one-up ourselves, so we're looking forward to the challenge our kids are up for it," Bedingfield said.

The youth group will begin the fast at noon on Friday. Later that evening, they'll gather at the church gym for Bible study to carry out the remainder of the fast.

Calhoun Community College student Nicholas Waddell said he looked forward to participating again.

"We still have it pretty good in this country. If I could go without food for 30 hours, that's the least I can do," Waddell said.

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