Latest Developments In Petraeus Saga

Why did a man and woman spend 30 minutes inside Paul Broadwell's home yesterday? And who are they? Those are just some of the questions we're trying to answer right now in the ongoing Petraeus/Broadwell saga.

Our sister station in Charlotte, WBTV, is working with us on this story this morning. They even tracked down the owner of the SUV that the two were riding in. WAFF 48's Lauren Morrison is following this story for us this morning. She has video you're only going to see on WAFF this morning. Look for her live reports at 5:33 and 6:37.

Get ready for another soldier homecoming today! Corey Garmon of Sardis lost both of his legs after a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan in July. Christine Pae has all the details about his arrival at Huntsville International this morning. She'll tell you all about it at 5:04, 6:05 and 6:53.

How'd you like to skip food for the next 30 hours? That's what some valley children are going to do. Organizers of the "famine" say it'll give them an idea of what hunger really is, but there's much more to it. See how they're going Above and Beyond to help others. We'll feature their story at 5:55.

And it's chilly again this morning, but I think Jeff said something about it getting a little warmer heading into your weekend. Http:// Check his forecast in your Weather On The Tens.

TGIF! Let's kick it off together. WAFF 48 News Today is on right now!

-- Jim Abath